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Esports FIFA Pro Video Game Champion To Be Profiled On Fox Sports FS1: “Esports Athletes Rising

Esports American Video Game Champion To Be Profiled On

Fox Sports FS1: “Esports Athletes Rising – Road To The Continental Cup

Philadelphia Union (MLS) esports Pro Gains Superstar Status in Behind-The-Scenes Mini-Biopic

Philadelphia, PA, October 20, 2018 – Most-Prolific Films, a leader in esports content development and in association with The-Revival-House, today announced on-air broadcast dates for their in-depth, behind the scenes lifestyle profile of one of the most highly-touted esports video game players in the United States. FOX Sports (FS1) is scheduled to feature four hard-hitting, groundbreaking segments on how the Philadelphia Union’s esports athlete representative is preparing for the FIFA 19 Continental Cup 2018 taking place in Paris, France October 26-28th.

Most-Prolific Films is shadowing every move of underdog American Cormac Dooley (a.k.a. Doolsta), a seven-sport athlete and high school senior, as he prepares to take on the best esports soccer players in the world in Paris, France on October 28th. All the video game training, intense mental preparation, and non-stop action is captured up-close and personal, featuring the nation’s underdog capital, Philadelphia, PA, Doolsta’s hometown.

“Esports is a booming worldwide phenomenon that mainstream sports fans are just now discovering,“ stated Glenn Chin, Managing Director of Most-Prolific Films. “These esports competitors are absolute professional athletes and are multi-dimensional – far more than just ‘gamers.’ And so we set out to document the exciting yet challenging lifestyle of one of the most outstanding American video game players, and in doing so we reveal incredibly entertaining and surprising background of an esports athlete.”

The FS1 features are slated for primetime October segments and will focus in part on the embattled underdog sports town of Philadelphia. Doolsta himself represents just that, an extreme longshot to defeat any of his International gaming counterparts at the Continental Cup. Producers embrace the underdog position and as part of the story invite Vince Papale, a famed local professiona football legend, into the training mansion to offer Doolsta inspiration and perspective to believe in overcoming long odds. Also included are the iconic, intimidating steps in which another famous athlete conquered in his fictional quest to be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

Chin also commented, “The esports scene is exploding all over the world right now, and brands & media companies plan to be on the cutting edge of this wildly popular video game uprising. Brands are partnering with Most-Prolific and The-Revival-House to go in-depth and document the intensity and excitement of what happens behind closed doors with these professional esports athletes. Similar to traditional sports, viewers will get an inside glimpse and exclusive insights to a world class athlete.”

Jeff Odiorne, Chief Creative Officer of The-Revival-House, has embraced the opportunity and realizes there’s an energetic unified collaboration. “Glenn & I are uniquely qualified with over 25 years’ experience in the space telling athlete and sports stories, along with having built the largest sports videogame brand in the world. Our time leading traditional sports and youth culture brands at the highest levels has lead us to esports. The combination of our experience is significant, and we are excited about our position to become a leader of content development in the esports space,” Odiorne added.

Esports Athletes Rising – Road To The Continental Cup” music supervision and soundtrack was produced exclusively by industry veteran and award-winning producer Scott Jung, aka CHOPS.

FS1 Broadcast Schedule for “Esports Athletes Rising – Road To The Continental Cup:

Monday October 22 – Episode 1: “There’s An E In My Sports” 7:30pm ET 6:30pm CT 4:30pm PT

Tuesday, October 23 – Episode 2: “The Gaming Mansion” 7:30pm ET 6:30pm CT 4:30pm PT

Thursday, October 25 – Episode 3: “Paris Or Bust?” 7:30pm ET 6:30pm CT 4:30pm PT

Sunday, October 28 – LIVE Paris event 2:00PM ET 1:00pm CT.11:00am PT

Tuesday, October 30 – Episode 4 “The Wrap Up” 7:30pm ET 6:30pm CT 4:30pm PT

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